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A Review of Immune Checkpoint Blockade for the General Surgeon
Cross-Suturing is Effective for Teaching Suturing Skills: A Randomized, Controlled Trial

JSR Announces new AE for Cardiac Surgery

JSR has appointed a new AE for Cardiac Surgery: Ravi K. Ghanta, MD.  Please read the complete announcement here.


Journal of Surgical Research

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The Journal of Surgical Research: Clinical and Laboratory Investigation publishes original articles concerned with clinical and laboratory investigations relevant to surgical practice and teaching. The journal emphasizes reports of clinical investigations or fundamental research bearing directly on surgical management that will be of general interest to a broad range of surgeons and surgical researchers. The articles presented need not have been the products of surgeons or of surgical laboratories.

The Journal of Surgical Research also features review articles and special articles relating to educational, research, or social issues of interest to the academic surgical community.

About the Societies


The Association for Academic Surgery is widely recognized as an inclusive surgical organization. The impetus of the membership remains research-based academic surgery, and to promote the shared vision of research and academic pursuits through the exchange of ideas between senior surgical residents, junior faculty and established academic surgical professors.


The Society of Asian Academic Surgeons (SAAS) was founded to focus on the personal and professional development of Asian academic surgeons with the belief that the best way to increase Asian representation in the leadership of academic surgery is to prepare future generations to succeed.



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Inclusion and Diversity Pledge

JSR pledges its commitment to improving diversity on the editorial team; in 2021 we have increased the number of associate editors and editorial board members who are women or in underrepresented racial and ethnic groups, and we will continue to do so during the years to come. This sits within Elsevier’s broader ongoing inclusion & diversity efforts. Equity and inclusion in publishing is critically important for scientific excellence and innovation. We believe passionately in the power of an inclusive publishing environment, not only to do what is right, but to enrich, strengthen and advance us all.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

The Journal of Surgical Research welcomes original research focused on minimally invasive surgery. Submit your MIS manuscript here.

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Acknowledgement of Referees

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