Sonoporation with doxorubicin enhances suppression of intimal hyperplasia in a vein graft model


      The purpose of the present study is to examine whether sonoporation with doxorubicin enhances suppression of intimal hyperplasia (IH) in a vein graft model.

      Materials and methods

      After the administration of 1.5 mg/kg doxorubicin intravenously, the right external jugular vein of six rabbits was exposed at 2 W/cm2 and 1 MHz of ultrasound for 2 min (Sonoporation group). Tissue doxorubicin concentration was measured. In 48 rabbits, the right common carotid artery was ligated after performing a vein graft bypass. The animals were divided into the following four groups: the C0 group (surgical procedure only); the C0S (sonoporation without doxorubicin); the C1 (doxorubicin administration only); the C1S (sonoporation with doxorubicin). Twenty-four grafts were subjected to Elastic van Gieson staining for morphometric analysis 4 weeks after the operation; others were subjected to TdT-mediated X-dUTP nick end-labeling for detection of apoptic cells and to staining with a monoclonal antibody against the proliferating cell nuclear antigen for assessment of cell proliferation 1 week after.


      The tissue doxorubicin concentration was significantly higher in the Sonoporation group than in the Control group. Compared with the C0 group, IH was not suppressed in the C1 group but was significantly suppressed in the C1S group. Sonoporation with doxorubicin administration suppressed IH significantly (C1 group versus C1S group: P < 0.05). Cell apoptosis was induced and cell proliferation was suppressed significantly in the C1S group.


      Sonoporation with doxorubicin suppressed IH of the vein graft. Sonoporation may be effective in coronary or peripheral revascularization using vein grafts.

      Key words

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