Acute Care Surgery

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        Cardiac Surgery

        Contemporary Outcomes of Isolated Tricuspid Valve Surgery. Emily Shih, Timothy J. George, J. Michael DiMaio, John J. Squiers, Jasjit K. Banwait, Kelley A. Hutcheson, Robert L. Smith, and William H. Ryan 1
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        Education and Career Development

        General Surgery Residency Virtual Recruitment During the Pandemic: An Analysis of Applicant Surveys. Dennis M. Vaysburg, Aaron M. Delman, Allison M. Ammann, Kevin M. Turner, Leah K. Winer, Jeffrey J. Sussman, Amy T. Makley, Michael D. Goodman, Ralph C. Quillin III, and Robert M. Van Haren 33
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        Endocrine Surgery

        Social Determinants of Health and Quality of Life in Endocrine Surgery Patients. Victoria Lai, Deliya B. Wesley, Hui Zheng, Jana Lu, Kristi Graves, Kristen M. Miller, Erin A. Felger, Nancy M. Carroll, Jennifer E. Rosen, and Judy Huei-yu Wang 194
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        Gastrointestinal Surgery

        Ethnic Disparities in Ileal Pouch Anal Anastomosis Outcomes: An ACS-NSQIP Study. Koby Herman, Akshay Pokala, Samantha Nemeth, and Bo Shen 84
        The Extraperitoneal Approach to Left-Sided Colorectal Resections: A Human Cadaveric Study. Tarek S. Hany, Alka M. Jadav, Edward Parkin, Joseph McAleer, Paul Barrow, and Arnab K. Bhowmick 172
        Perception versus Reality: A Review of Narcotic Prescribing Habits After Common Laparoscopic Surgeries. Casey T. Walk, Rebecca Nowak, Priti P. Parikh, Timothy N. Crawford, and Randy J. Woods 188
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        Gastrointestinal Glomus Tumors: A Single Institution, 20-Year Retrospective Study. Andrea Zironda, Travis E. Grotz, Andrew L. Folpe, and Cornelius A. Thiels 982
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        Novel Application of Hydrodissection in Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy for Gangrenous Gallbladders. Kayla K. Umemoto, Shahini Ananth, Anthony Ma, Anvay Ullal, Prakash V.A.K. Ramdass, Peter C. Lo, and Dinesh Vyas 1124

        Global Surgery

        Monitoring Indicators of Universal Access to Accessible and Safe Anesthetic and Surgical Care in a Peruvian Region: An Ambispective Study. Carlos Shiraishi-Zapata, Yovanky More-Vilela, Aldo Villarreal-Álamo, Víctor Morales-Cuervo, Dante Gil-Chiroque, Jaime Castillo-Tovar, Dante Ramírez-Ríos, Salomón Aguirre-Uribe, Joselyne Lecca-Castillo, Roxanna Garcia, Mario Oyanguren-Maldonado, Juan Paico-Palacios, Arnaldo Vite-Quiroga, and Milagros Niquen-Jimenez 127
        Surgical Training for Civilian Surgeons Interested in Humanitarian Surgery: A Scoping Review. Jonathan Mitchell, Ahmad Zeineddin, LaDonna Kearse, Katherine D. Downton, Adam L. Kushner, and Shailvi Gupta 282
        Global Disparities in Burn Outcomes: Does Gender Predict Mortality in the Global Burn Registry? Mitchell G. Bryski, Chao Long Azad, Eric W. Etchill, and Daniel S. Rhee 459

        Healthcare Delivery, Quality, and Safety

        Gender Homophily in Interphysician Referrals to Surgeons. Ya-Wen Chen, Claudia Orlas, David C. Chang, and Cassandra M. Kelleher 70
        Comprehensive History and Physicals are Common Before Low-Risk Surgery and Associated With Preoperative Test Overuse. Allan K. Metz, Nicholas L. Berlin, Monica L. Yost, Bonnie Cheng, Eve Kerr, Hari Nathan, Anthony Cuttitta, James Henderson, and Lesly A. Dossett 93
        A Video-Based Consent Tool: Development and Effect of Risk–Benefit Framing on Intention to Randomize. Writing Group for the CODA Collaborative 357
        Becoming a Sustainable Academic Surgeon. Connie Shao, Susan Tsai, Russell Woo, and Sophie Dream 606
        Reducing Unnecessary Type and Screens Prior to Thoracic Surgery: A Quality Improvement Initiative. David J. Finley, Kayla A. Fay, Eleah D. Porter, Rian M. Hasson, Timothy M. Millington, and Joseph D. Phillips 743
        Cross-Sectional Assessment of Surgical Consult Volume to Determine Optimal Residency Staffing During COVID-19 Lockdown. Arash Rahimi-Ardabily, Stephanie Stroever, and Royd Fukumoto 793
        The Bottom Line: Trauma Center Viability During COVID-19. Christina Colosimo, Lilly Sirover, John Porter, and Nicole Fox 867
        Racial Disparities in Surgical Outcomes of Acute Diverticulitis: Have We Moved the Needle? Caitlyn Braschi, Jessica K. Liu, Ashkan Moazzez, Hanjoo Lee, and Beverley A. Petrie 889
        Assessing the Quality of Online Health Information and Trend Data for Colorectal Malignancies. Catherine C. Beauharnais, Tess Aulet, Jetsen Rodriguez-Silva, John Konen, Paul R. Sturrock, Karim Alavi, Justin A. Maykel, and Jennifer S. Davids 923


        Practice-Based Learning and Improvement: Improving Morbidity and Mortality Review Using Natural Language Processing. Molly Kobritz, Vihas Patel, David Rindskopf, Lyudmyla Demyan, Mark Jarrett, Gene Coppa, and Anthony C. Antonacci 351

        Pediatric Surgery

        Tunneled Central Venous Catheters in Young Children: Complication Profile Can Guide Choice of Line. Jack Vernamonti, Tanvi Kartal, Elliott Overman, and K. Elizabeth Speck 19
        Population-Based Assessment of Urban Versus Rural Child Fatalities from Firearms in a Midwestern State. Amelia T. Collings, Cory Wuerch, Cameron Colgate, Jodi Raymond, Joseph O'Neil, and Matthew P. Landman 52
        Rising Mortality in Pediatric Self-Inflicted Firearm Trauma Associated With Distinct Anatomic Injury. Lea Hoefer, Adrian Camarena, Kelly Twohig, Ann Polcari, Robert Keskey, Danielle LaVigne, Mark B. Slidell, Kenneth Wilson, and David Hampton 259
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        Implementation Science Fundamentals: Pediatric Surgery Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Protocol for Pectus Repair. Allison R. Thompson, Hannah Glick, Nathan S. Rubalcava, Jack P. Vernamonti, and K. Elizabeth Speck 313
        Intercostal Nerve Cryoablation is Associated With Reduced Opioid Use in Pediatric Oncology Patients. Stephanie Y. Chen, Shale J. Mack, James E. Stein, Lorraine I. Kelley-Quon, and Eugene S. Kim 377
        Higher Complication Rates for Total Versus Partial Thyroidectomy in the Pediatric Population. Brent A. Willobee, Carlos T. Huerta, Hallie J. Quiroz, Melissa L. Mao, Emily L. Ryon, Anthony Ferrantella, Chad M. Thorson, Juan E. Sola, and Eduardo A. Perez 449
        Optimal Timing of Inguinal Hernia Repair in Premature Infants: A NSQIP-P Study. Marla A. Sacks, Dan Neal, Seyed Pairawan, Edward P. Tagge, Asra Hashmi, Saleem Islam, and Faraz A. Khan 690
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        Plastic Surgery

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        Surgical Oncology

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        Thoracic Surgery

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        Transplantation and Immunology

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        Vascular Surgery

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        Wound Healing

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