On The Cover

        Placement of a sterile mesh in the murine model of surgical mesh infection. The mesh placement location is indicated by the white dotted line on the mouse silhouette. The background consists of Staphylococcus aureus cells as visualized by transmission electron microscopy. See the article: Collins MM, Race B, Messer RJ, Baune C, Kobayashi SD, Long D, Williams K, Hasenkrug AM, Hasenkrug K, Malachowa N. Practical Mouse Model to Investigate Therapeutics for S. Aureus Contaminated Surgical Mesh Implants. J Surg Res 2023; 283, No. C, pp. 428–437. The editor thanks Scott A. Weldon, MA, CMI, FAMI, for assistance with cover layout. The authors thank Rose Perry-Gottschalk (Visual & Medical Arts, RML/NIH) for assistance with the illustration.